CUPHEAD Characters: Good to Evil (Including The Delicious Last Course!) ☕



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🔔 Subscribe to 1upBinge 👇 🤍 CUPHEAD Characters: Good to Evil (Including The Delicious Last Course!) ☕ Cuphead was a game that was heavily hyped up prior to it’s release, and we wish we had tackled it earlier. However, not too long ago, Cuphead’s long awaited DLC, the Delicious Last Course was released. So, with new bosses, new characters and all kinds of surprises, we decided that it’s finally time to break down these characters and ask who is the best and who is the worst? - 👿 VIDEOGAME GOOD-TO-EVIL PLAYLIST 👼 🤍 ☕ CUPHEAD Characters: Weak to Powerful — 🤍 ☕ Unpopular CUPHEAD Opinions We LOVE and HATE ☕ - 🤍 ☕ Nintendo Villains That Should be CUPHEAD Bosses - 🤍 ☕ The CUPHEAD Show: ❤️ Healthy to Toxic ☣️ - 🤍 ☕ The Cuphead Show: Good to Evil — 🤍 ☕ The Cuphead Show: Dumb to Brilliant — 🤍 ☕ Cuphead Game Characters: Weak to Powerful — 🤍 🎮 SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE: Good to Evil - 🤍 - Links - 📺 WICKEDBINGE — 🤍 🎮 1UPBINGE — 🤍 🍩 OTAKUBINGE — Anime Channel — 🤍 🍬 POKEBINGE — Pokemon Channel — 🤍 🎥 KYLE'S CHANNEL — 🤍 🐦 TWITTER — 🤍🤍 👍 FACEBOOK — 🤍🤍 💻 WICKEDBINGE SUBREDDIT — 🤍🤍 💼 FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES wickedbinge🤍 - Credits - Voice Over and Produced by Kyle J. Beauregard 🤍🤍 Twitter — 🤍 | Instagram — 🤍 Script Written by James Centers (YouTube Channel: 🤍 Production Leads / Polish Editors: Luka Lalosevic & Kristijan Vukovic Video Editing by Kristijan Vukovic Media Team: Clemarjon Laguardia, Trixia Salonga, Kristijan Vukovic & Luka Lalosevic Produced by: Kyle J. Beauregard

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CUPHEAD Characters: Good to Evil (Including The Delicious Last Course!) ☕
CUPHEAD Characters: Good to Evil (Including The Delicious Last Course!) ☕
CUPHEAD Characters: Good to Evil (Including The Delicious Last Course!) ☕
CUPHEAD Characters: Good to Evil (Including The Delicious Last Course!) ☕
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Braedon Bourque
2023-09-30 00:53:06

I feel like candy carnation is evil because he’s just crazy

Evan Boone
2023-09-22 20:20:25

I mean if you think about it, elder kettle is the most helpful because like he actually gives cuphead and mugman the ability to shoot.

Vinny Venom
2023-09-22 18:03:59

Cuphead is the Darksouls of Cuphead!

2023-09-22 13:27:54

Phantom express reminds me of Barnaby from billie bust up oxFAA4DSlSE&t=17m52s 17:52

John and so on
2023-09-16 01:00:52

Okay, hold the phone. If Calla Maria causes shipwrecks shouldn't that have been taken into account? Shouldn't she place lower?

Bridge Family
2023-08-24 15:28:53

Goopy didn’t appear cause he died duh🫤

Dylan Farmer
2023-08-22 16:21:51

oxFAA4DSlSE&t=6m03s 6:03

🎃CreeperNerd in Action🎃
2023-08-08 18:53:33

I wouldn't put king of games as that good, maybe neutral. He literally invited the cups to fight his people and wife and then paid them for killing them lol.

Tristan C
2023-08-08 18:04:08

WANTED poster left the chat

2023-07-23 13:00:42

So THATS who the plane guy is, neat

Apple activeties
2023-07-23 05:02:59

Why is no one talking about that he called Hilda berg hilda Burke

2023-07-18 19:52:10

Actually, the robot is the one who owes his soul, meaning that Kahl is fighting to help his creation.

2023-07-18 18:17:59

Elder Kettle

Colleen Carroll
2023-07-17 16:59:42

Chef saltbaker says heart and soul is the secret ingredient

2023-07-16 04:01:33


2023-07-15 12:31:03

Werner Werman, King Dice, Chef Saltbaker and The Devil are the most evil but i LOVE ALL OF THE CHARACTERS IN THIS GAME :D
(Because Cuphead is my favorite game)

Bearberry ☾
2023-07-14 15:36:00

I think cuphead is worst than mugman because he was the one that actually caused them to owe their souls to the devil

Twix n' snails
2023-07-13 19:04:28

oxFAA4DSlSE&t=1m00s 1:00 Chalice🥇
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=1m47s 1:47 Elder kettle🥈
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=2m15s 2:15 Cuphead and mugman🥉
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=2m59s 2:59 Canteen hughs
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=3m30s 3:30 King of games
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=3m57s 3:57 Porkrind
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=4m30s 4:30 Grim Matchstick
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=5m10s 5:10 The root pack
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=5m55s 5:55 Esther Winchester
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=6m45s 6:45 King's leap
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=7m22s 7:22 Wally Warbles
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=7m53s 7:53 Sally stageplay
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=8m52s 8:52 Cala Maria
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=9m27s 9:27 Ribby & Croaks
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=9m52s 9:52 Djimmi the great
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=10m33s 10:33 Angel and demon
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=11m06s 11:06 Goopy Le Grande
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=11m36s 11:36 Beppi the clown
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=12m00s 12:00 Glumstone the giant
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=12m41s 12:41 Dr Karl's Robot
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=13m16s 13:16 Captain Briney beard
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=13m52s 13:52 The howling aces
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=14m37s 14:37 Cagney Carnation
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=15m22s 15:22 Chef Saltbaker
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=16m11s 16:11 Hilda Berg
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=16m40s 16:40 King's Court
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=17m28s 17:28 Phantom Express
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=18m04s 18:04 Werner Werman
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=18m47s 18:47 Rumor Honeybottoms
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=19m19s 19:19 Barrenness Von Bonbon
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=19m54s 19:54 Mortimer Freeze
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=20m33s 20:33 Moonshine mob🥉
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=21m12s 21:12 King dice🥈
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=21m44s 21:44 The devil🥇
🏅Sinner medals🏅
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=22m24s 22:24 Darwin:Goopy Le Grande
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=22m31s 22:31 Gluttony🍗:Glumstone the Giant
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=22m38s 22:38 Lust💋:Cala Maria
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=22m44s 22:44 Sloth🦥:King dice
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=22m48s 22:48 Wrath😡The devil
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=22m55s 22:55 Pride🏅🏅🏅The devil
oxFAA4DSlSE&t=23m00s 23:00 Greed🤑The devil

2023-07-11 13:45:22

The thing is, most of the bosses never truly wanted to hurt anyone. They just didn't want to have their souls given to the devil.

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