Every Cuphead Boss Ranked (Including DLC)



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Cuphead probably has the best lineup of bosses I've seen in a video game, and the DLC only added to this impressive selection. With this new release, I thought it would be fun to go back and rank every boss in the game. Credit to a friend of mine who S ranked every boss for giving me tips and correcting a few errors. Patreon: 🤍🤍patreon.com/Dafawfulizer Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/dafawfulizer

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Every Cuphead Boss Ranked (Including DLC)
Every Cuphead Boss Ranked (Including DLC)
Every Cuphead Boss Ranked (Including DLC)
Every Cuphead Boss Ranked (Including DLC)
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2023-09-26 00:32:27

Calamari ranking is a little weird 🤔

Robert Hewitt
2023-09-13 22:34:11

why does everyone think grim is hard he is not

2023-09-02 01:01:25

Rippy and croaks phase 1 and 2 are easier than goopy change my mind

2023-09-02 00:55:59

Ok I'm sorry but having no indicator of when grims fire balls will jump is blatantly false even in the footage (they're crouching) and the platforming like?? They're so simple, my brain was just on autopilot and I'm just a decently experienced at platformers, have you never played a platformer before? Also the thing the exploding balls.... you just need to get out of their path faster, I beat the last phase while holding down the fire button. I haven't even got to isle 3 yet, I hate to say but this is a definitive skill issue

2023-08-27 23:45:14

Dr Khal is honestly really easy for me now after s ranking him so in my opinion his difficulty is pretty average. The fight is honestly just completely skill and practice based.

Eron Shala
2023-08-19 07:34:04

Skill ishu

Sjoerd van der Meulen
2023-08-18 14:01:13

Grim matchstick fase 2 the fireballs that are mad are the only ones that are jumping

2023-08-05 17:04:44

WTF Man, Esther Winchester is the worst boss in the game! In turns of difficulty yes it is really hard! But this is why this boss is the worst one ever!!!! This bossfight is boring and unfair!!! And S Ranking him is a nightmare!!!!!! I still haven't beaten this boss yet on regular!!!!!! The only thing i can do is beat it with my friend!!!!! But..... THROUGH MANY ATTEMPS!!!!! We both think that this is the worst bossfight ever!!!!! But this comment would not end until i say that........
4th PHASE IS THE BIGGEST PIECE OF DUMBSHIT!!!!!!! Other than that this video is good😀😀😀!!!!!!!

2023-08-05 04:43:41

This list is incredible! I agree with 95% of your placements and you had very good points to make about each boss. Great commentary and explanations.
Also, I LOVE what you had to say about it Rumor Honeybottoms because I absolutely agree! Awesome video.

PhoenixStar 07
2023-08-03 12:32:05

Grim matchstick is the TEXTBOOK DEFINITION of OVERHATED. Every single person I’ve seen talking negatively about Grim just needs to get good with this fight. I genuinely don’t know how anyone could rank him lower than Goopy or Beppi…

Robert Alvarez
2023-08-01 01:34:33

Where is number 10????

Robert Alvarez
2023-08-01 01:00:53

I have never hit start over on king dice

2023-07-28 13:11:35

Gone, reduced to atoms

2023-07-23 23:33:25

The little fire balls in grim matchsticks battle face the way their gonna jump

2023-07-21 21:51:30

I s ranked grim matchstick first try 💀 guess you just suck

2023-07-20 22:29:59

Dr Kahl’s 3rd phase is easier than everyone says

2023-07-20 22:24:29

Grim was extremely easy for me, Wally warbles might have been the hardest

2023-07-16 12:55:35

Where ya been defawfulizer it’s nearly been a year since this video came out

Cuphead And the adventures through Inkwell Isle
2023-07-15 10:32:06

My fav is PLANT BOI or Cagney carnation because the first phase is so good for being on inkwell isle 1, The second phase is pretty easy to me and least

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