How Cuphead's Bosses (Try to) Kill You

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GMTK is powered by Patreon - 🤍🤍 Cuphead is a master class in boss attacks. Let's look at the game’s patterns, phases, telegraphing, predictability, and more. This video shows off bosses from the game’s first three areas. = Chapters = 00:00 - Intro 01:33 - Making you Move 03:05 - Unpredictable Patterns 04:23 - Layering on Multiple Patterns 05:04 - Different Boss Phases 05:48 - Baroness Von Bon Bon 08:13 - Getting it Wrong 08:41 - Defeating vs Surviving 09:46 - Patreon Credits = Games Shown = Cuphead (2017) The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Genesis version) (1994) Contra III: The Alien Wars (1992) Gunstar Heroes (1993) Contra: Hard Corps (1994) Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald (1995) Hollow Knight (2017) Super Meat Boy (2010) Dark Souls (2011) Shadow of the Colossus (2005) Portal (2007) Undertale (2015) = Credits = Music from Cuphead OST See How Cuphead's Incredible Cartoon Graphics Are Made | Time 🤍 Minnie the Moocher, Paramount Silly Symphony, Disney The Old Man of the Mountain, Paramount Bimbo’s Initiation, Paramount Balloon Land, Celebrity Swing You Sinners!, Paramount Opening Night, Van Beuren = Subtitles = Contribute translated subtitles - 🤍

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How Cuphead's Bosses (Try to) Kill You
How Cuphead's Bosses (Try to) Kill You
How Cuphead's Bosses (Try to) Kill You
How Cuphead's Bosses (Try to) Kill You
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Комментарии пользователей:
2022-11-19 16:47:02

That chocolate seems to be a waffle.

2022-11-03 20:53:53

Wow cooment.

Gustavo Silva
2022-08-18 21:10:21

I think the narration of this video was probably my favorite, i loved the "character break", your honesty, and how you appeared to be really having fun.

2022-07-19 07:52:30

So... Are there any other Boss video like this one made by Toolkit? Somebody know about it? I want to see it 😢

2022-03-13 09:50:03

F8T6Ul4aHTI&t=2m02s 2:02 This attack gives me PTSD

Sus Creations
2022-03-10 01:36:37

Here before 1.09m sibs

Mr Choo Choo Guy
2022-01-15 21:40:47

What's with the unnecessary word in the title 'try to'

Chris Neumann Ruud
2021-12-09 11:10:05

Metroid: Cupdread

2021-11-30 12:31:35

The best looking game there is.

Reindeer vr
2021-11-26 14:57:28

Sir this game was based old games from 1930 and it literally says that in the pause menu

G Wenxel
2021-11-17 10:22:24

Thanks so much for making this!

2021-11-16 13:52:24

F8T6Ul4aHTI&t=2m41s 2:41 four shalt be the number thou shalt count

Sam Brockelsby
2021-10-29 21:03:57

I've never played cuphead but just watching these boss fights is giving me an anxiety attack

The Mcculloch
2021-10-23 10:43:39

Falling treasure chests? What are you talking about that’s a barrel

2021-10-05 23:52:12

I cannot put into words how much I love the aesthetics of this game

Jate Litherius
2021-10-03 06:33:23

Ahhh the cuphead mermaid, good memories, lucky eels

2021-10-02 21:03:58

I actually beat cuphead in less than a week. Probably because when I get a new game, I tend to hyperfocus on it for the first week or so.

2021-09-29 08:23:37

"These bosses are really hard"
Me ready to switch from blob to boomerang in a milisecond : yes its pretty hard

Sanjeev Singh Rajput
2021-09-26 05:47:48

How to kill Cuphead bosses->
1) Attack when you can
2) Don't die

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