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(UNFINISHED) cuphead - kicks - AMV


I AM NOT FINISHING THIS ok so,,, no more tweening animation obviously i might have a little problem with finishing stuff yeah anyways, I started this thing like a year ago and gave up on it so now it's forever stuck like this, during the whole big animated bit and the last chorus was supposed to be different (it was supposed to have dice in it instead of the bros but eh) sorry for not posting anything for ages, it was because of this and other stuff mainly, hopefully i'll be more active now, also,,, thank you all so much for almost 21k followers?? i dont deserve this ahah thank you guys,,, Song is Kicks by Barns Courtney Cuphead belongs to Studio MDHR

fight | cuphead au animation |


I kind of just heard this audio and thought it really fit the two- hehe designs I used are froma na old au of mine AU/Designs : 🤍 there isn't much to this au if ur curious-

Cuphead - Floral Fury Remix [RetroSpecter]


In case you've been out of the loop for the past month, let me explain to you why these two videos were re-uploaded. Prepare for a lot of text, I'm not even gonna add a TL:DR because this is important: On October 24th, nearly a month ago, King Dice and Floral Fury were copyrighted by a company called Create Music. I had never heard of this company before, so I quickly emailed 3 different companies: YouTube, MDHR (Cuphead Devs), and Create Music. MDHR unfortunately never got back to me. I emailed them twice within the same first week I was affected, so I assumed they were busy because they never replied. YouTube gave me a generic response, saying it was up to the "copyright holder" to reject or approve my dispute. Since Kamex and Noteblock got rejected with minutes, it's safe to assume Create Music's appeal process is automated. Lastly, I messaged Create Music themselves via email, and they replied by saying that unless my remixes are "official", all money will be going to MDHR. I believed that for about a week, but after doing some more digging and looking at MDHR's video policy, I noticed a lot of flaws in this email. On top of these 3 companies that I emailed, I got in touch with the composer of the Cuphead OST and one of the main sound designers. The composer, Kris Madigan, said that it was out of his jurisidiction when I mentioned Create Music, which most likely means he wasn't really sure about what was going on. The same goes for the sound designer I just messaged recently. They said they're looking into and hopefully will figure out something in about a week. They also mentioned that it could have to do with the presets and instruments I used in my remixes. However, what doesn't add up is Kamex, Noteblock, Musical Ghost, and I all use different instruments and styles. There's also the fact that they only did this to a few Cuphead remixes on October 24th and nothing else after that. I did hear reports of Let's Plays being copyrighted about a week before the 24th on Twitter, but MDHR responded to those which caused Create to give the YouTubers that were affected back their copyrights. It seems like no one is really sure who Create Music is or if they are even legitimate. They do not even have a secure website when you go to it. The only hint of hope they have is that the sound designer pointed out that it could be something to do with Microsoft, and not MDHR themselves, since Cuphead was released on both Steam and Xbox. Another thing someone recently pointed out; according to internet posts and some more research, Create Music also was named under a company called "Merlin Label Engine", who were copyrighting original music for a while. This name was taken away from them when YouTube finally did something about it. On top of all this, my friend did some digging and found out on one of their websites under DMCA that they basically require you to go to court if you want to completely dispute them, something us smaller YouTubers would never do, either due to fear or lack of money. My theory is that they tackled a few rising Cuphead remixes, not enough so that everybody would know, but enough to screw over a few people for a quick buck. This isn't even about the ad revenue. This is about companies stealing money from content creators with no verification and that this is a huge deal and YouTube needs to do something about it, because we can't. We literally cannot do anything, aside from re-uploading and hoping for the best. If MDHR was actually getting the money or if I got a confirmation from them saying that they are working with Create Music, I would happily be okay with them taking my revenue. The game means alot to me honestly, I've been following it for two years without spoiling much for myself. But it's a game I wanted always buy on Day 1. Please share these remixes with anybody you know that listened to or liked the original. Send it to the music extenders, send it to the animation memers, send it to everyone. Spread these videos like the plague and get the word out. It's going to take a LOT of time to get these back to where they used to be, and it may not even happen. My biggest fear is people thinking that I stole these remixes from myself. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read all of this. I'll be happy to answer any questions any of you may have. Love Retro. - ►GAME: 🤍 ►Main art: 🤍 🤍 ►Retro fanart: 🤍 ►Animated Retro Icon by: 🤍 ►MP3: 🤍



A Clip Joint Calamity remix from Cuphead, featuring Ribby and Croaks! Hope you enjoy :) ►Commissions always open!: 🤍 ►Join my Discord server to get pinged for new remixes! 🤍 ►Check out my Twitter where I'll post my artwork: 🤍 ►Check out my Twitch where I livestream never before played games: 🤍 ►Free MP3: Coming soon ►Reference: 🤍 ►Special thanks 🤍 ►Artwork by: 🤍 ►Retro Intro VFX: 🤍 ►Retro Intro Badge: 🤍 ►Retro Corner Animation: 🤍 ►Outro Art: 🤍 #Cuphead #ClipJointCalamity #RibbyCroaks

Cuphead Remix- Floral Fury-The Living Tombstone


Another anticipated cuphead remix! Floral Fury, the flower boss battle theme. ➢Neko Nation - Sydney, Australia - March 17th 2018 - Event details: 🤍 ➢Based on the game Cuphead by Studio MDHR, now on Xbox One and Steam: 🤍 Buy this Song: ➢ iTunes: 🤍 ➢ AmazonMP3: 🤍 ➢ Apple Music: 🤍 ➢ Deezer: 🤍 ➢ Google Play: 🤍 ➢ Spotify: 🤍 ➢ Tidal: 🤍 ➢ Bandcamp: 🤍 ➢ Newgrounds (Free Download): 🤍 Credits: ➢Music Production: Yoav Landau & Custom Phase 🤍 ➢Mixing & Mastering: Ara Adkins- Recursion Music 🤍 ➢Video Production: Pedro Calvo pedrojosecalvo🤍 ➢Animation - Reagan Gustin (GinjaNinjaOwO) - 🤍 Follow The Living Tombstone: ➢ YouTube: 🤍 ➢ SoundCloud: 🤍 ➢ Facebook: 🤍 ➢ Twitter: 🤍 ➢ Newgrounds: 🤍

HIP meme {FlipaClip}(Cuphead Au)


(just AU💖) ♧modern AU by S.y♧ ♤Original♤ 🤍 ♧song♧ 🤍 🤍 ♡Inspired♡ 🤍 🤍 🤍 ♢subs♢ 2116 ♢twitter♢ 🤍 ♧instagram♧ 🤍 ♤Tumblr♤ 🤍 ⚠️This animation has nothing to do with religion,The content may include blood, corpses, swear words, demons, cults, drug abuse, mental illness, and pornography,Viewer discretion advised.⚠️



Care to play "Devil's Advocate"?~ Spotify Link: 🤍 Amazon Link: 🤍 Itunes Link: 🤍 Song Instrumental by Dolvondo Song Mixing and Mastering by GenuineMusic Singing voices for Dice, Devil, Cuphead, and Mugman by Jeromy VA Music Video artwork was done by Brightgoat Editing and Puppet animation was done by KL Allen Lyrics by Shav and Saendy Production by Shavs Media Productions - Lyrics: Welcome to the casino We’re so happy you stumbled in Are you looking to make your fortune? Well come on, let’s begin! A good time can be had by all With plenty of food and flowing booze Place your bets, big or small Just be careful not to lose For in here your souls for grabs And the devil takes his keep King dice will count the tabs And we’re the ones who reap Come on. Only because you gambled away our souls Exactly! So we know how this works! Cuphead that's not what I meant Ok boys, I’ll take it from here… Now let me show you ‘round Our lux and wondrous venue In here all vices can be found So why don't you take a menu Roulette or cards? Craps or slots? However, you like to gamble Take a seat, call your shots And please stop me if I ramble For we have everything you need And anything you could want In here we follow heaven’s creed But the devil makes his haunt So... What’ll, it be? Whisky, vodka, a nice cognac? Go ahead and pick your poison Hold on, I’ll be right back... Let me go bring those boys in Well now is some the matter? You don’t quite seem comfortable… Is there something missing? Is there anything I can arrange? Devil and dice duet: Would you like a drink or smoke? Hear a man tell a joke? Maybe something more bespoke? Well, that can be arranged Would you like to watch a dance, Take a shot at romance? Or perhaps a game of chance? Well, that can be arranged Or is chance not your thing? To control will you cling? Do you want what skill can bring? Well. That can be arranged So then riches are your goal Now I must play my role And the wager will be your soul What? Too much? Well then… Why not join the ranks of hell? We’ve got food, drinks and stories to tell An eden of pleasure and earthly delights You can soar to unknown heights You will find that it's all true Together cont If you simply join our crew So just sign the dotted line And soon your soul will be mine! And trust me… That will be arranged... - Special thanks to everyone who was patient with us about the song's release, and with so much more time to make it as great as it turned out, we applaud and thank you all for being so understanding and patient! :D Enjoy the Casino Cups song, and show your love for it by sharing it as much as you possibly can to support us and get this song to be one of our first (and not last) ones to reach over 100k! (LETS EVEN REACH FOR 500k! :D) Like, Subscribe, and enjoy the song and music video!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!



► BRAND NEW PARODY ANIMATION CHANNEL: 🤍 AVAILABLE ON SELECTED STORES: ► Spotify: 🤍 ► iTunes: 🤍 ► Google Play: 🤍 Lead Animation / Compositing by OblivionFall: 🤍 Roughs / FX Animation by Mayde: 🤍 Additional Animation / Assets by Sean W: 🤍 Backgrounds painted by Keyframe: 🤍 Inspired by: Cuphead Five Nights At Freddy's Hello Neighbor Hippo tries not to die from skeletons Bendy and the Ink Machine - ► Subscribe to DAGames: 🤍 - ► Like on Facebook: 🤍 ► Follow on Twitter: 🤍 ► Watch our Vine: 🤍 ► Contact Business Email: will🤍 ► Travel back to our NewGrounds: 🤍

MiatriSs - Die House - Cuphead Remix ft. Triforcefilms


READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW Support me on Boosty: 🤍 Download - 🤍 iTunes - 🤍 Spotify - 🤍 Telegram Channel - 🤍 I glad to cooperate with such a wonderful singer as Triforcefilms again. IMHO His voice is very suitable for the character of the Сuphead, Mr. King Dice. And many thanks to my darling SayMaxWell for this ton of help with this project. It's a pleasure to work with you. ILU ^^ Music production by MiatriSs Mastering & Visuals by SayMaxWell Vocals by Triforcefilms & MiatriSs Character artworks be MiatriSs BG Artworks by Studio MDHR Twitter: 🤍 BandCamp: 🤍 SoundCloud: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Telegram: 🤍

I got no time meme | my cuphead au | flipaclip


I’m obsessed with my cuphead au haha, so get ready for some more videos on this! The au is a bit darker then regular cuphead, but I love it anyway! About this au, I’ll be posting bits of lore about it (like this video) Hope you enjoy! :) Programs: Flipalcip Kinemaster FPS: 14 Characters: Cuphead Mugman Devil Ms. Chalice

MUGMAN x cuppy( cuphead in drags au)tribute


Hope you enjoy like and subscribe I like this au of cuphead it’s adorable and I love it comment for more cuphead or and y thing else 🥰



I was saving this for a little bit later but since Cuphead was revealed in Smash Bros I figured now would be the best time do so! ►Commissions always open!: 🤍 ►Join my Discord server to get pinged for new remixes! 🤍 ►Check out my Twitter where I'll post my artwork: 🤍 ►Check out my Twitch where I livestream never before played games: 🤍 ►Free MP3: 🤍 ►Special thanks to Meepers Creepers :D ►Reference: 🤍 ►Artwork by: 🤍 ►Retro Intro VFX: 🤍 ►Retro Intro Badge: 🤍 ►Retro Corner Animation: 🤍 ►Outro Art: 🤍 ►FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ►Q. What are Daily Retro Remixes? ►A. "Daily Retro Remixes" is a thing I did back in the beginning of early 2018 where I posted a remix or original song every single day, usually due to a backlog of commissions. I'm doing it again for the same reason. There will be a new song every Mon-Fri at 7 PM EST. ►Q. Where can I commission you? ►A. Here: 🤍 ►Q. Where I can I find your streams, art, and Discord Server? ►A. You can find me streaming most weekdays Mon-Fri at 🤍 and my art will be posted at 🤍 My Discord server that I co-own with Kamex is 🤍 ►Q. A remix every day??? You're going to burn yourself out! ►A. These remixes are already finished, all I have to do is make the video for each of them which takes about a couple hours each day. While the daily uploads may be overkill for YouTube's algorithm to help me in a good way, it's good advertising for my commissions. January is a very slow month for YouTubers, and I was tired of all of these commissions sitting in my PC collecting dust. Also I'm taking weekends off so yeah. ►Q. Does this mean you're taking a break from remixing? ►A. Essentially, yes. Doing the math, I will only be able to upload around 20 remixes out a month since I'm taking weekends off. Since I have over 100 commissions, that means this will take at least 5 months to finish, but that's not even counting the commissions I will be getting while doing this, so it may even go all the way into Fall. ►Q. Why are you taking a break from passion projects? ►A. YouTube just doesn't reward us for doing what we love. It's very demotivating when you do a project that you really enjoyed doing but YouTube just doesn't send it to anybody. At least with commissions, I know I got my money's worth for the amount of effort I put into the song, even if it doesn't do that well on Youtube. ►Q. What else does this mean? ►A. I've been getting into drawing and livestreaming more, so this helps me "take a break" without actually taking one so I can focus on those two things more. My dream's always been to be a "Jack of All Trades" type of person because I personally feel like life is too short to dedicate it all to one thing. I also want to make my own game and even do video game reviews/commentaries on this channel one day but that's far far into the future. ►Q. Will you be motivated to throw in a remix or two during this? ►A. I most likely will, just because I'm taking a break doesn't mean I hate doing it, otherwise I wouldn't even be accepting commissions. Definitely expect at least passion projects squeezed in from time to time during this. If I do it'll be on Fridays. #Cuphead #PyramidPeril #RetroSpecter

Cuphead - Sugarland Shimmy Remix [RetroSpecter]


►Art by: 🤍 ►Commissions are open: 🤍 ►Discord Server: 🤍 ▼Click Show More Huge thanks to Crudaka for making the art for this video! Please check out her commission sheet at the top of this description. She's saving money to fly halfway across the world to visit me and my friends this summer where I'll finally be able to see her in person for the very first time ;w; I'm also accepting music and art commission in which will help pay for some of her trip if commissions don't do well for her. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a great weekend! Keep an eye out on my Twitch and YouTube for some game streaming this weekend. Oh and for my thoughts on this remix? Tastes like sugar isn't it ok that's all bye ►MP3: 🤍 ►Art by: 🤍 ►Reference: 🤍 ►Retro Fanart by: 🤍 ►Retro Intro Art by: 🤍 ►Retro Corner Animation by: 🤍 [Other Social Media Links] ►EMAIL (for business inquiries): theophidians🤍 ►Donate: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Twitch: 🤍 ►Discord: RetroSpecter#1993 ►Soundcloud: 🤍 ►Steam: 🤍 ►Tumblr: 🤍

Cuphead - Fiery Frolic Remix [RetroSpecter]


►Commissions are open: 🤍 ►Discord Server: 🤍 ▼Click 'Show More' for MP3, my thoughts, and other links! "I-I hope you like the remix... Retro spent alot of time on it, and even tried some n-new video editing techniques for this one. He also t-told me to tell you that the album is on hold because he n-needs to finish a few more Cuphead remixes f-first..." (Before you start a riot that's how Grim Matchstick speaks :U) Had alot of fun with this one, I like it more than my last two and I hope you guys like it too! As always commissions are open donations are welcome blah blah, one thing I wanna add this time though is CLICK THOSE SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS AT THE VERY BOTTOM AND FOLLOW ME ON EVERY SINGLE ONE IF YOU WANNA BE A COOL CAT. ►MP3: 🤍 ►Art by: 🤍 ►Reference: 🤍 ►Retro Fanart by: 🤍 🤍 ►Retro Intro Art by: 🤍 ►Retro Corner Animation by: 🤍 [OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS] ►EMAIL (for business inquiries): theophidians🤍 ►Donate: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Twitch: 🤍 ►Soundcloud: 🤍

joint calamity meme // REMAKE [cuphead swap AU]


Oh wow I'm produuctive I'll really try to do some x-mas special I swear- Programs used: Medibang Paint Pro Camtasia 9 - Original Meme: 🤍 Original Song: 🤍 - Follow me on: DeviantArt: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Amino [Furry/Cuphead]: AprilDemmie Join my discord server! 🤍

Cuphead - Junkyard Jive Remix [RetroSpecter]


►Commissions are open: 🤍 ►Subscribe and click the bell next to it! ►Click 'Show More' for the MP3! Hey everyone! This is a little behind schedule, today has been hectic. I'm finally back with another Cuphead remix! I'm not gonna talk about this remix too much so I can talk about some other more important things instead. All I'll say for this remix is I've been 100%ing the Metroid Prime Trilogy in my spare time so this remix is slightly inspired by the music from those games :D Now onto other matters... ►As with all YouTubers, January ad revenue sucks and goes down tremendously after Christmas, so it would mean the world to me if you commissioned me or donated! Here's a donation link: 🤍 The 2017 commission sheet in the description at the top still works but I'm also adding a cheaper option for 8 bit covers/remixes and possibly lowering my art prices just a tad (unsure of that part yet) in my 2018 commission some time after my vacation in February. I will also make a video announcing it. ►In case you missed it, I'm uploading a remix once a day every Monday-Friday, these are a mixture of doodles, commissions, and gifts that I never got around to uploading my channel in 2017. Some are also newer from the beginning of January. This will last anywhere from February to March depending on how many commissions I get while I'm doing this. ►A Cuphead album will be coming out in the next month or two, it's still in the discussion process but I will give you more info as time goes on. Plus I still gotta make 4 more songs for the album. ►I may take the month of February off so if I decide to then the big remixes I usually upload will either be replaced with a livestream on that day or another Daily Remix until February ends. I've been working like crazy and could use some time off! ►MP3: 🤍 ►THUMBNAIL ART: 🤍 ►VIDEO ART: 🤍 ►Reference: 🤍 ►RETRO FANART BY: 🤍 ►Retro Animation BY: 🤍 [OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS] ►Join our Discord Server!: 🤍 ►Donate: 🤍 ►EMAIL (for business inquiries): theophidians🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Twitch: 🤍 ►Soundcloud: 🤍

Brothers In Arms (Remix) - Cuphead Song - DAGames feat. Quddy & TriforceFilms


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Cuphead [Remix Dubstep]


Subimos muy rápido se los agradezco muchísimo 👍👍👍 GRACIAS

Cuphead - Railroad Wrath Remix [RetroSpecter]


►Art commissions by my gf open!: 🤍 ►Discord Server: 🤍 ▼Click 'Show More' for MP3, my thoughts, and other links! It's been a while Cuphead fans! Hope you guys enjoy, the art was again done by my awesome gf Crudaka, so it'd mean alot to me if you commissioned her if you want some fancy art like you see in the video here! It's the first link in the description. Also this is my 200th remix! (More or less, it's kinda hard to keep track of since I have so many doodles and unfinished projects) Here's to 100 more. Have a great weekend everybody! Lastly, now that I have done 12 Cuphead remixes, I finally have enough to create an album! I was thinking of making an album-exclusive song (don't worry, it would only be for a few months) so what Cuphead remix would you like to see exclusively on the album before its made? Comment down below. ►MP3: 🤍 ►Video Art & Retro Fanart by: 🤍 ►Reference: 🤍 ►Retro Fanart by: 🤍 ►Retro Intro Art by: 🤍 ►Retro Corner Animation by: 🤍 [Other Social Media Links] ►EMAIL (for business inquiries): theophidians🤍 ►Commissions: 🤍 ►Donate: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Twitch: 🤍 ►Discord: RetroSpecter#1993 ►Soundcloud: 🤍 ►Steam: 🤍 ►Tumblr: 🤍

Cuphead - Die House (King Dice)/Remix - Cover by Caleb Hyles


A cover of the track "Die House" off of the soundtrack of the video game Cuphead ♥DOWNLOAD NOW: ►Listen on Spotify or Apple: 🤍 ♦SUPPORT ME!♦ 🤍 ♦TWITCH♦ 🤍 ♦FACEBOOK♦ 🤍 ♦TWITTER♦ 🤍 ♦INSTAGRAM♦ 🤍 ♦TUMBLR♦ 🤍 ♦WEBSITE♦ 🤍 ✧Click "Show More" below! (Store, descriptions, etc.)✧ ♦MY BAND!♦ : 🤍 ♥GAMING CHANNEL!♥ 🤍 ☕Buy Me a Coffee ☕ 🤍 ⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹═⊹ DON'T MESS WITH KING DICE!! It has been far too long since I've done a video game cover! Undertale was the last one, I think?? So, this has been a long time coming. I found this song whilst playing through Cuphead and then found this KILLER cover/instrumental right here on YouTube. I asked this individual (The Musical Ghost) if I could create a cover with it and he graciously allowed me to do so :) This song is just the definition of funky. It's hard to not get on your feet or at the very least start tapping your toe. Playing the character of King Dice was fun as well. I hope y'all enjoy this one and share it with a raging friend trying to beat this game :P Instrumentalist: 🤍 Peace, love, and metal! \m/

~Tangled Up~ || meme || Cuphead My AU || 6k Special || Gacha Club


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 6K! HOLYYYYYYY SMOKES! I appreciate everything guys, for your love and support and that you all give me motivation to carry on my channel! A big thanks to all of you and all my friends who support me! Time Taken: Two Days ~Characters~ Cuphead Mugman Emma (OC) King Dice Cala Maria Hilda Berg Baroness von Bon Bon Cagney Carnation Thumbnail by Swift_Online ~Apps~ CapCut Kinemaster Song: “Tangled up” by Caro Emerald (Lokee Remix)

Goofy ahh Cuphead AU💀 (read Desc for info)


anyways, "Upgraded AU" is the future version of Cuphead and Mugman but they have robotic features like Cuphead eyes were replaced with a screen and Mugman which I will be doing in the future has a robotic eye on one side of his face they still work for the devil in the casino, not as waiters but as assassins for the devil, usually they would make the victim unconscious then send them to the devil unless the task is to literally kill them. Both Cuphead and Mugman are injected with liquids (these drugs are permenent therefore if you get injected the powers and effects you get are gonna stay with you forever) whoever gets injected with these drugs will be able to mimic some of the powers that the devil has for instance, Mugman has the ability to use fire and is capable of burning things in a blink of an eye, he can't burn contracts though. Cuphead can turn certain parts of his body into demonic features whenever he wishes to such as horns,tails, claws, etc. or even a full demon body but it uses a lot of energy and blood. Mugman doesn't mind the drugs he was given, Cupheads drugs however (as the unlucky cup he is) are highly poisonous, and since he was injected by it he has to get use to the effects he has to deal with like: getting dizzy for no reason, throwing up, shivering from time-to-time the drugs that they were given are considered the highest class, since they were the first two to fight the devil and won the devil saw patential in them, if they were able to beat him then they must be very strong but they don't have the "revive potion" anymore the devil needed other ways to keep them alive. there were many other drugs he could have given to them, but he wanted them to live as long as possible therefore he gave them these drugs which can also make you live longer than natural mortals the devil for once trusted them with something this powerful and surprisingly, he made the right choice. they still hangout with their "friends" in the casino like chips,Pirouletta, kingdice (obvi cus he's their second boss) mangosteens etc. now that they are more skilled and have better reflexes, people don't treat them as they use to anymore, or you could say that they're more careful around them Ig they still go back and rest in their apartments, and yes Cuphead is still daisy's dad (because y'all seem to love this headcanon of mine which I appreciate very much :D ) -their personalities things they like and their addictions ig Mugman is still a kind and caring person but he's more brave and more confident he's (kind of) addicted to Gin and moonshine and likes reading history books in his free time Cuphead kinda just became "the quiet kid" he doesn't talk much, well not anymore since he doesn't want to risk throwing up while he's talking. he enjoys drinking tea and sometimes coffee as well as moonshine, he likes to relax and think to himself in his free time, smoking is also another thing he does but not as often

[A Cuphead AU] FloralTrousle


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Cuphead cast react to Indie cross, Nightmare Cuphead vs the Devil. GC, My Au


Credit to MORØ Nighteye: 🤍 StarCrystal19 |||Type profile here.|Creator|Purple|Pizza|USA|Funny||1|1|1|4|1|6|205|0|1|0|2|1|338|51|0|63|0|70|70|13|13|4|4|17|0|83|130|25|63|144|132|7|155|108|22|94|94|23|23|76|76|36|36|62|102|2|2|34|34|17|55|116|4|4|7|6|6|0|0|1|1|0|1|1|1|12|0|23|11|1|1|1|1|2|1|1|0|0|1|1|16|0|0|6|0|0|1|0|1|1|1|1|0|0|0|0|0|2|0|1|18|0|-2|0|1|18|0|0|0|9|9|0|0|0|9|9|0|0|9|1|1|0|0|9|1|1|0|0|0|1|1|0|0|0|1|1|0|0|0|1|1|0|0|0|1|1|0|50|-30|16|15|357|48|-28|16|15|354|0|0|1|1|0|-8|-10|1|1|354|0|0|1|1|0|0|0|1|1|0|0|0|1|1|0|1|1|0|1|1|0|0|0|1|1|324|1|3|0|0|1|1|0|0|1|1|1|0|0|1|1|0|0|1|1|0|1|1|1|1|1|1|1|1|1|1|1|1|1|1|1|1|2|1|0|0|1|1|0|1|0|0|0|1|1|0|0|1|1|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|1|1|1|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|664430|46291B|01B9E5|6605D9|FF48DF|01B9E5|6605D9|FF48DF|01B9E5|6605D9|FF48DF|01B9E5|6605D9|FF48DF|01B9E5|6605D9|FF48DF|B15482|8C3FFF|8C3FFF|4F03AA|8C3FFF|3CFFF9|00BDB7|3CFFF9|020202|FFFFFF|020202|FFFFFF|3FC4FF|6605D9|3FC4FF|6605D9|191919|020202|ECECEC|FFEB58|C6903D|FFFC02|585858|191919|585858|01ECE5|020202|FFFFFF|FF8383|FFFFFF|020202|46291B|FF8383|46291B|FFFFFF|3A82FF|0C0295|8C3FFF|020202|3A027E|8C3FFF|3CFFF9|00918C|FFFFFF|FFEB58|C6903D|8C3FFF|FFFFFF|007591|FFFFFF|020202|191919|FFFFFF|4F03AA|24014F|FFFFFF|4F03AA|24014F|FFFFFF|4F03AA|24014F|FFFFFF|020202|24014F|FFFFFF|020202|24014F|FFFFFF|003274|00224F|003274|003274|00224F|003274|8C3FFF|4F03AA|FFFFFF|FFEB58|C6903D|B8B8B8|FFFFFF|191919|8C3FFF|FFFFFF|191919|8C3FFF|020202|191919|FFFFFF|020202|191919|FFFFFF|664430|020202|3A82FF|664430|020202|FF48DF|FFFFFF|6605D9|191919|191919|020202|FFFFFF|FFEB58|C6903D|8C3FFF|FFFFFF|924ABE|8C3FFF|FFFFFF|924ABE|8C3FFF|01B9E5|6605D9|7807FF|855944|513121|020202|020202|191919|FFFFFF|FF3F3F|020202|191919|8C3FFF|020202|FFFFFF|8C3FFF|020202|FFFFFF|FFEB58|AA6D23|FFFFFF|FFEB58|AA6D23|FFFFFF|020202|FFFFFF|020202|FFFFFF|020202|FFFFFF|020202|020202|FFFFFF|FFFFFF|020202|020202

Cuphead Next Gen (KarlaDraws14 AU) - Payphone


The Artworks Used In This Videos Doesn't Belong to me their Belongs to their owner! Song: 🤍 Cuphead By Studio MDHR Au By KarlaDraws14 on DeviantArt

Cuphead edit!! LADIES!


|MEME| idfc (ft. Cuphead, BaBtQftIM AU)


Моя короткая тестовая анимация с Капхедом, как и обещала) - links|ссылки: ▷VK|ВК 🤍 ▷Instagram 🤍 ▷My artblog in VK|Моя группа в ВК 🤍 ▷Tumblr 🤍 ▷Instagram: 🤍instagram/elinor_silverstar/ ▷Original meme - uomii ▷song - Blackbear - Idfc (Tarro Remix) Copyright disclaimer under section 107 of copyright act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarships, and research. fair use is a use permitted by copy statue that might otherwise be infringing. nonprofit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

💕Cuphead x Bendy~heartattack 💕


IM GONNA KILL THAT THING | Cuphead AU | sh!tpost | Fnf X Cuphead


I like doing crossovers. Don’t judge meh

Cuphead - Mr. King Dice Vocal Cover/Remix [Kamex]


I've been playing Cuphead as you can tell. The game is really fun. The hitboxes make me want to rip my nuts off though. Anyway I really love the fact that it was based on a really old cartoon, and the music is gorgeous so I may do more, who knows. :P Yes, that was me playing sax and also singing :s Thumbnail ➤ 🤍 Art Credit ➤ Screenshot from the game Download ➤ 🤍 Download (No vocals) ➤ 🤍 Discord server ➤ 🤍 Patreon ➤ 🤍 Twitter ➤ 🤍 #cupheadremix #cupheadmusic #kingdiceremix

I ain't to worried about it (cuphead au) @-pixelofthedarkness- @-Averoni-


I didn't know how to do Avery hair so I made my own darkness - cuphead Avery - mugman me - devil

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