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IG: 🤍brandonbored TikTok: 🤍brandonrogers shot by Joshua Thomas 🤍cassanovafilms Assistant Producer Cassie Thomas 🤍nilahindigo featuring: Paulette Jones 🤍paulette.jones Georgina Leahy 🤍georgieleahy

A Day in the Life of an Amazon Package


Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) - Amazon's business runs on speed, price and customer service. We go inside Amazon's Phoenix 6 fulfillment center to see the technology it takes to keep those little brown boxes moving, from the moment they arrive on a truck to the moment they get packed into a box and shipped out. (Source: Bloomberg)



This is my first YouTube video! So I decided to start out with a short 1 min vlog on my work day. Hope you guys enjoy looking to drop more content in the future :)

See Everything That Happens When a Package is Shipped | WIRED


Ever wonder what happens to a package when it gets shipped? We stuck a GoPro in a clear acrylic box, had it filming the entire time, and got a chance to see what the package went through on its way to your doorstep. Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► 🤍 CONNECT WITH WIRED Web: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Google+: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 Want even more? Subscribe to The Scene: 🤍 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. See Everything That Happens When a Package is Shipped | WIRED

THE PACKAGE | Tamil Short Film Teaser 2023 | Mr Day Dreamer | Crime Thriller and Dark Comedy


Hello DD's Family 😍🙏🏻 Finally our shortfilm THE PACKAGE Teaser is out now do watch and support 😍🔥🤩 CAST AND CREW: Written and Direction - Charan Britto DOP - Kevin Abhishek | Charan Britto | Surya Editing and Sounds - Charan Britto Cast: Hari | Surya | Immanuel | Harini | Britto | Charles | Kevin Abhishek and Charan Britto Story based on: Crime thriller and Dark comedy with love 🔥 #shortfilm #tamil #comedy

back to school package // beauty & brains, top student, school life, appearance, + more


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jazz 1 day net package 2 gb offer || jazz free internet code | jazz internet packages 24 hours


Jazz walon ki taraf se 1 din ke liye 13 Tera rupaye mein main 2 GB internet package 24 Horse #jazz1daynetpackage2gboffer #jazzfreeinternetcode #jazzinternetpackages24hours

Package day on Sudo


A perfect occasion to get the camera out. I need to make sure that the camera is looking down next time :-D #boats #sailboats #sailboatlife #diy #liveaboardlife #liveaboards

Pokémon sent me a package!


[Package tour] The last day of Da Nang tour, where you close your eyes and make a wish. #twice


TWICE makes wishes. Let their wishes come true with the beautiful lights! Your 'Like' and ' Subscribe ' are always welcomed! "Discover your taste in K-contents" #packgetour #twice #danang #KPOP #kcontentsvoyage

When your UPS package says “delivered”


These Mfs make you feel stupid when you can't find your package when it says delivered Instagram😎:🤍 Tik Tok🤓: 🤍 Twitter🐥:🤍 Twitch👻: 🤍 Merch:

Package small business Shopify orders with me!! Boardwalk Beads


I hope you guys enjoyed this video!! Comment below what type of videos you want from me next! Thank you so much to everyone that has subscribed❤️ ✨Follow me on all of My socials: ✨ My Instagram (🤍taylor.rankine) 🤍 My business Instagram (🤍boardwalk_beads) 🤍 Pinterest- (🤍taylorrankine14) 🤍 TikTok- (🤍tayrankine) 🤍 Boardwalk Beads website- 🤍 Sub count: 16,423 ☆ MUSIC LICENSING: Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): 🤍 License code: J939PTADBVN1NDNW tags- day in my life, productive day in the life, getting my life back together, daily vlog, vlog, productive vlog, day in the life, teenager day in the life, weekend vlog, weekly vlog, taylor rankine, taylor Alex, satisfying cleaning vlog, run errands with me, organizing my life, realistic day in my life, #thatgirl #smallbusiness #smallbusinessorders #smallbusinesspackaging #orderpackaging #smalljewelrybusiness #packageorders #shopifypackaging #packagewithme #packageetsyorders #packagingvlog

|Telenor Internet Packages One Day|Telenor Internet Package|


|Telenor Internet Packages One Day|Telenor Internet Package| Is video ma telenor ka 3 din or 1 din ka Internet package's ka baray main bataya gya hai. telenor internet packages one day,telenor internet package,telenor internet packages 3 days,telenor internet packages monthly,telenor internet packages code,telenor internet packages weekly,telenor internet packages 1 day,telenor one day call package,telenor weekly internet package,best telenor internet packages,telenor daily internet package,telenor internet packages check code,telenor call packages 1 day,telenor internet packages 2020,telenor internet packages free, If you like our videos please comment, Share And like and To Watch More videos Please Subscribe our channel and stay tuned. DISCLAIMER: This Channel DOES NOT PROMOTE Or Encourage Any illegal Activities , All Contents Provided By This Channel is Meant For EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE Only Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips. About: "KNOWLEDGE MIXTURE" channel Provides Online Classes (video) for: Android Computer, Internet, Whatsapp,Facebook, Youtube, Mobile, Google , Twitter , Yahoo internet security, Data Security, Discovering New Technology,Online Earning tutorials, Thanks For Watching. Note: - Full Credit to Owners. All Images, Picture, Music show in the video belongs to the respected

Package day


Day Three At UPS Package Handler: I Got Yelled At?


Today is my first full day. It's also the day where you'll really feel the soreness, especially if you don't lift regularly and stand often. Keep in mind that I'm working full time so there's twice the amount of work exerted.

mailing day, package my orders with me - asmr, sleep video, no mid-roll ads


welcome to this week packaging video. i have about fifteen or so orders including botanical books and journals. let go through some of the books and package all the orders with me. thanks so much for spending the time. i hope you enjoy the video & hope to see you again in my next video.. xo, below is the list of packaging supplies: • kraft paper (🤍 • washi tape (🤍 • shipping labels (🤍 • jute twine (🤍 • botanical stickers (🤍 thumbnails made easy with Canva: 🤍 * included affiliated links Connect with me: + Website: 🤍 + Instagram: 🤍 + Etsy: 🤍 + Facebook: 🤍

Fedex Package Handler - Day one Week one


This is my story of my first day as a package handler at FedEx. I give tips, tricks and what to expect at your first day day as a Fedex Package Handler. While you're down here in the description box check out 🤍 Get your free stock with Webull here: 🤍 Please don't forget to like and subscribe

DO THIS every time a Amazon package arrives late


Did you know that Amazon will often compensate consumers for late deliveries? Follow the steps in the video to find out what to do when a package arrives late. Script for $10 credit: I am inquiring about a late package delivery. I read that Amazon may compensate customers in cases where packages don’t arrive by the guaranteed delivery date, and it causes an inconvenience. Is there anything you can do since the package was [INSERT NUMBER] days late? Script for refund: I am inquiring about a late package. I needed the item by the guaranteed delivery date of [INSERT DATE], and the missed delivery caused a significant disruption. I was wondering if it would be possible get a full refund for this item for my trouble. Thank you. Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. These videos are for entertainment purposes only; nothing contained herein should be construed as financial or investment advice. Investing of any kind involves risk. Your investments are solely your responsibility. Please consult your financial or tax professional prior to making an investment. Don’t sue me bro.

Jazz internet package 3 days 3gb in 30 rupees


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FedEx Package Handler | DAY IN THE LIFE


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PAYDAY 2 - All Bain Bank Heist GAGE Package Locations


Thnx for watching this vid and i hope u all enjoyed, if u did enjoy, then make sure to leave a like, comment and also dont forget to subscribe, it helps out ALOT! :) Also, dont forget to go follow/add all these accounts below if u haven't already ;) My PSN: Xx-King-407-xX My Instagram: xxking407xx I hope u all have a wonderful day and PEACE OUT ;) #KING SHAREfactory™ 🤍

My Last Day at Full-Time UPS Package Handler: A Warning


The job itself is super manageable and doable but poor communication combined with several workers who aren't willing to do overtime will force temps and hard workers to feel obligated to work longer. This was my last day at UPS as a full time temporary package handler. I was a sorter for both the night shift and the preload. I wanted to put this up mainly to wrap up a few more thoughts that weren't covered in my previous videos and also to add in a bit more content since I haven't been uploading much as late. My last week and a half at UPS was an uphill battle. I got used to the workload of the usual 9 hr per day with a 1 hr break in between and often a good amount of overtime everyday. That was doable. When my lunch was cut in due to the workload, that's when the work got tougher. The full one hour break was an ample amount of time for me to enjoy food and stretch out sore muscles. When cut to less than 30 minutes, I was always going into the second shift half awake and fatigued. On top of this, I noticed that the higher ups tried to keep me as long as possible by providing me with a paraphernalia of things to do. If one task was done past overtime, they'd go out of their way to search for another task even when my lunch was already cut to 20 minutes. All in all, make sure you be mindful about how hard you work here. If you are a part-timer and plan on staying here full-time, then put in just the right amount of effort to get the work done. The moment a higher-up catches you putting in extra work, they will take advantage of your mentality and also your physical capabilities. As for summer-temps, this will happen regardless of whether or not you have the working mentality. Just grind it out, work hard, and make the best out of it. The work is tough. The environment is tough. But, the benefits severely outweigh the work that is put in.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Shamrock package


Stomp your feet to the sound of the harp! The new reinforcement from Prime Gaming is up for grabs, offering a new commander, Ciarán Hillen, and a set of theme-specific customization elements to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. 🤍 Claim the Shamrock package by April 20 to receive these rewards along with 1 day of WoT Premium Account and missions for x5 XP. To keep up to date with our latest development, contests and events visit 🤍 and 🤍 Create a World of Tanks account on 🤍 and try out iconic historical tanks such as Tiger 131, Sherman Firefly & T-34/85M! You can also tell your friends and share the invite code DROPBEARS. Follow us on: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Twitch EN: 🤍 Twitch DE: 🤍 Twitch PL: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Amazon: - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍

Fancy Pull to Refresh • Flutter Package of the Day #03


📱 Flutter App Templates • 🤍 🎧 Flutter Pod • 🤍 🎓 Flutter Tutoring / Mentorship • 🤍 📞 Flutter Freelance • 🤍 ~ ; Liquid Pull to Refresh is the package of the day ~ this is just so fire! Makes the app look dopeeee C O D E 🤍 P A C K A G E 🤍 L E T ' S L I N K U P instagram: 🤍 github: 🤍 website: 🤍 facebook: 🤍 patreon: 🤍

Here’s How Your Package Ordered Online Gets to Your Doorstep | The Quint


Ever wondered what happens after you make an order for a delivery online. How the package reaches your doorstep. We take a tour of the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Harayan to see how sellers send their products to the Amazon warehouse to be sold.

North Sikkim Tour Plan | 2 Nights 3 Days North Sikkim Tour Package | Lachen Lachung Yumthang Valley


For Package Booking Call / WhatsApp The Royal tourism 8637548051/7319563823 Flight Booking Links: AirAsia - 🤍 Air Vistara - 🤍 Cleartrip - 🤍 Go First - 🤍 Makemytrip (Flights) - 🤍 Ixigo - 🤍 Hotel Booking Links: Goibibo Hotels - 🤍 Hotelscombined - 🤍 Makemytrip (Hotels) - 🤍 Oyo Rooms - 🤍 Trident Hotels - 🤍 - 🤍 (deals) - 🤍 - Flight, Hotel and Tour Booking Link: Via hotel, flight, tours - 🤍 Tour booking link: - 🤍 Tripadvisor - 🤍 Tripadvisor - 🤍 Agoda - 🤍 Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links, which means if you buy something using these links I will get a small kickback without charging you an extra buck. North Sikkim Tour Plan #northsikkim, #sikkim, #silkroute, #travel, #tour, #mountain North Sikkim is a district of Indian State Sikkim and it is seventh least populous district in India. A large part of North Sikkim is restricted to travellers because these areas share a sensitive border with the People’s Republic of China. The areas of North Sikkim which are open to travellers gained immense popularity due to its scenic beauty and stunning views of majestic snow capped mountains. The most popular tourist destinations of North Sikkim are Lachen, Gurudongmar lake, Lachung and Yumthang Valley. Follow Us: 🤍 Music : 🤍 Tracks Used "Serenity.mp3" "Troposphere.mp3" Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍

What to expect as a new UPS Package Car Driver


Hi, This video was made to ready up any new upcoming drivers on what to expect at UPS. This video is made for anyone who is also interested in the job and wants to know a little bit more about it first. This is not a UPS commercial and I am in no way affiliated with UPS Marketing. I am a driver trying to show the world what to expect if this is what they want to do. Please leave a like and a comment if you enjoyed the video! Thank you!

Day 141 I was wrongly delivered the biggest package by Amazon #shorts #amazon #tata


Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Gears I use to shoot my videos 1. Mic (Boya by M1) 🤍 2. Camera (Canon EOS 200DII) 🤍 3. Laptop (MSI GF 65 Thin) 🤍 4. My phone (IQOO neo 6) 🤍



If you have any other questions please let me know in the comments and I will answer as much as I can! Consider checking out any of my other content while you're here ;) Socials: STAY UP TO DATE WITH ME! Tik-Tok: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Is the Holland America Drink Package Worth it?


We answer all your questions about the 🤍HollandAmericaLine drink packages. From what's included, to the value, and the differences in all the offerings, we breakdown all the details to help you decide if these cruise drink packages are worth it. Subscribe to the Eat Sleep Cruise YouTube Channel if you love to travel and cruise the world! 🤍 If you enjoy the video, please make sure to give it a BIG THUMBS UP! HOLLAND AMERICA DRINK PACKAGE REVIEW- 0:00 Introduction 0:46 Drink Package Basics 2:45 The Quench Package 3:36 Coca Cola Soda Package 4:11 Signature Drink Package 5:12 Elite Drink Package 6:03 What to Consider 7:10 Signature Drink Package Analysis 9:09 Have It All Package BASICS OF A HOLLAND AMERICA CRUISE DRINK PACKAGE For those new to cruise drink packages, Holland America Beverage Packages work like most lines. Cruisers need to purchase the package for the duration of the cruise. The options are priced per person, per day, with an additional 18% service charge. All individuals in the stateroom need to purchase the package. The Holland America beverage package works at all bars, restaurants, and lounges on the ship. Unfortunately, the drink package does not work at the cruise line's private island of Half Moon Cay. ALCOHOL DRINK PACKAGES ON HOLLAND AMERICA LINE Now, the cruise line does offer two non-alcoholic drink packages. However, if you are watching this video, odds are, you are more interested the in the packages covering adult beverages. There are also two packages that include alcoholic beverages. The first package is the Signature Beverage Package. This Holland America drink package covers all drinks, including all premium non-alcoholic beverages, up to $11 a beverage. Premium non-alcoholic beverages include cans of water, espresso-based drinks, and other items like Vitamin Water or Red Bull. When it comes to beer, wine, and cocktails, this beverage package on Holland America will cover a vast majority of the options at all bars and menus. More than 80% of the wines by the glass are covered in the package. Likewise, all beers are also included. The same is true for all of the venue's signature cocktails which are priced at this $11 limit or less. Examining the Holland America Bar menus, only a few select tequilas, cognacs, and single malt scotches would cost you more than $11. On this plan, cruisers are entitled to 15 drinks per day. This maximum includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic selections. The more inclusive package is the Elite Package. This package covers drinks up to $15. Further, this more expensive package covers an unlimited number of premium non-alcoholic beverages. However, there is still a limit of 15 alcoholic beverages. ARE HOLLAND AMERICA DRINK PACKAGES WORTH IT? So, the question becomes whether it is worth getting a drink package. Based on our experience, we tend to save about 25% or more getting the package versus purchasing drinks a la carte. On Holland America Line, we have found the Signature Beverage package is our best option. There has only been one instance where we hit the 15 drink maximum, and that is mainly due to getting several cans of water and specialty coffees. However, perhaps the best deal is to go with the Have it All package. This upgrade gives cruisers the drink package, shore excursion credit, WiFi, and specialty dinner credit. Not to mention, the package can also include additional bonuses depending on the promotion. Thus, cruisers can save even more money on the Holland America Drink Package with this inclusive cruise option. READ OUR HOLLAND AMERICA DRINK PACKAGES GUIDE ON THE BLOG 🤍 TRENDING HOLLAND AMERICA LINE VIDEOS FROM EAT SLEEP CRUISE HAL Rotterdam Ship Tour: 🤍 What's Included on HAL: 🤍 Holland America Rotterdam Video Review: 🤍 Holland America Alaska Cruise Review: 🤍 Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel to get the latest cruise tips, cruise reviews, packing guides, port guides, travel tips, and more. Join us on Social Media as we “Sea the World, One Port at a Time.” Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Royalty-Free Music Courtesy: 🤍 #HALRotterdamTour #HollandAmericaLine #hollandamerica

Singapore Malaysia 8 Days Travel Guide | 8 Days Singapore Malaysia Tour Package


For this Tour Package Booking Contact Travellers Partners: Phone: 9831727732 ,9748096870, 9475463796 WhatsApp: 9831727732 ,9748096870, 9475463796 - Singapore Malaysia 8 Days Travel Guide 8 Days Singapore Malaysia Tour Package #Singapore #malaysia #siangaporetourism #malaysiatourism #tour #travel #tourplan The country Singapore is well-known for its lustre of wealth. At the same time, it is also a much-loved tourist location across the globe. In Singapore, you will find a perfect amalgamation of culture, fast-paced lifestyle, religious diversity, and culinary excellence. Due to these features, this futuristic country is the main tourist attraction of Asia. On the other hand, the country Malaysia is often recalled for its scenic beauty. Starting from mountains and tropical rainforest to some modern cities the geography of this county is as diverse as its other features. In today’s video, we will discuss 8 days travel guide to these two beautiful cities from India. - Flight Booking Links: AirAsia - 🤍 Air Vistara - 🤍 Cleartrip - 🤍 Go First - 🤍 Makemytrip (Flights) - 🤍 Ixigo - 🤍 Hotel Booking Links: Goibibo Hotels - 🤍 Hotelscombined - 🤍 Makemytrip (Hotels) - 🤍 Oyo Rooms - 🤍 Trident Hotels - 🤍 - 🤍 (deals) - 🤍 - Flight, Hotel and Tour Booking Link: Via hotel, flight, tours - 🤍 Tour booking link: - 🤍 Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links, which means if you buy something using these links I will get a small kickback without charging you an extra buck. Our Website: 🤍 Follow Us: 🤍 🤍 Like Us: 🤍 Music: Youtube Audio Library

UPS Package Handler || 5 things to consider


I've been able to work for UPS in two different job positions. First as a UPS Driver Helper. Second as a UPS Package Handler. I wanted to share 5 things for you to consider about working for UPS. Enjoy! These are the gloves I used, Home Depot also carries them! Work Gloves. 🤍 Looking for GREAT MUSIC to use in your videos?? Try Epidemic today... 🤍 Should you work at UPS? I'll share my perspective and you can decide for yourself. Here are 5 things about working at ups: 1 The work is hard. Peak season was about 8-9 hours of non stop, hard work. Literally moving boxes nonstop. I did get sore, really sore, but that's part of the job. 2 The benefits are good. UPS take's care of its employees. They aren't perfect, no job is, but the union is strong, the retirement and pension plan, the health and vacation! Stay for the long haul and it will pay off. 3 The camaraderie is strong. I had the best supervisors and coworkers. It made my job better for sure. There will always be a few employees who keep to themselves, but most of our people got along and worked well together. 4 Lots of opportunities to grow and move up. Not only can you request for different roles. You can move up to be a sup or a driver, or a multitude of other roles. It can be your career if you want it to be. Lots of good people at UPS make it their career. 5 As a part time job, pay is super basic. Most people can't live off a couple hundred bucks a week, so you may need a second job. Personally, I would go UPS early in the AM. Then go to my full time job during the day. Want to follow our family journey? SUBSCRIBE LETS BE FRIENDS INSTAGRAM (🤍micah_simpson) 🤍 TWITTER (🤍micahsimpson) 🤍 Talk to you soon! *We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. #UPS #UPSPackageHandler #UPSpreload



Tracking Number On My Package is Not Updating? FedEx Driver Explains!


Have you ever wondered why your USPS, FedEx, Amazon or UPS package is not moving? Do you not get no more updates on your tracking number? Does your package say it's still in transit but it's been days? I'll be explaining what is happening to your package as a FedEx Courier. #fedex #ups #amazon Are Delivery Driver Thieves?👉 🤍 🚀 Need to tell/ask me (Chris) something? ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Email me here!👉 csing1597🤍 Find me on Instagram👉 🤍 Come join the fun at TikTok👉 🤍 🚀 My Equipment! ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Camera👉 🤍 GoPro 👉 🤍 Mavic Mini Drone👉 🤍 DJI Steady Gimble👉 🤍 Microphone👉 🤍 Adidas Shoes👉 🤍 Touch Screen Work Gloves👉 🤍 🚀 Music! ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 💿| Listen everywhere → 🤍 The Road Home Lost and Found 🚀 Timeline! ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 0:00 Why Your Package is Not Moving! 0:51 The Process of FedEx Tracking 2:53 You are the 1% 3:17 Lost your Package in the Facility? 4:26 Stolen Packages by package handlers 5:21 The Mismanagement of your package 6:55 What Happens Now? 7:39 My Job at FedEx Ground

How to make Royal Caribbean's drink package work for you!


If you buy a Royal Caribbean drink package, here's how to get every last dollar of value out of it with these helpful tips! [Subscribe for more Royal Caribbean videos!] 🤍 [Listen to our Podcast] 🤍 Get news, information and advice at 🤍 [Social Links] 🤍 🤍 🤍

Telenor New Monthly Net Pkg 2023 | Telenor 40GB Internet Package | Mirza Technical


Telenor New Monthly Net Pkg 2023 | Telenor 40GB Internet Package | Mirza Technical Friends ! Aj ki Es Video Main Ap Ko Jazz Ka Monthly 40GB Internet Package Ka Pta Chalay Ga Jis Call Minutes B Ap Ko Mily Gay.Es Liye Video Ko Compete Dykhye.Aur Ager Video Achi Lagy To Like Comment Lazmi Kare.Thanks Thanks For Watching Subscribe To Mirza Technical Channel #TelenorMonthlyNetPackage #TelenorInternetPackage #TelenorNetPackage #TelenorMonthlyPackage #TelenorPackage #InternetPackage #MirzaTechnical Your Queries;- telenor package telenor net package telenor internet packages telenor new package telenor monthly net pkg telenor internet packages 2023 telenor internet packages 2022 telenor internet package monthly telenor monthly internet package telenor monthly package monthly internet package internet package telenor internet packages monthly 2022 telenor internet packages weekly

Europe 10 Nights / 11 Days Tour Package


Get the best tours and travel packages deals at LPO Holidays, The best tours & travel website in India. Book your vacation packages online for International destinations.

Carnival Cheers Package 2022 Explained. How to get 50% off!


The Carnival Cheers Drink Package is the most popular add on for your carnival cruise. Today I will talk all about this popular drink package. We will go through the base line cost if you were to purchase the package on board. I will also go through all the things you need to know about how the package works, what is included and what is not. I will also explain the 3 ways you can purchase this package. The last way is not very well known and it can save you up to 50% on the package so listen to the end of the video and find out how to save a bunch of money on the Carnival Cheers package in 2022! Carnival Cheers Package Explained 0:00 Intro 0:47 How the package works 2:45 What's included? 4:00 What's not included? 4:51 Drink prices on Carnival 5:48 How to purchase Cheers! 6:49 The BEST way to purchase! 8:00 Example of 50% savings! 9:45 Saving dependent upon your cabin type. 10:54 Worth it? 11:29 New York and Texas special restriction 11:55 Wrap up. If you enjoy cruising and tips on how to enjoy your cruise vacation more please consider subscribing to our new YouTube channel. Just simply click on this link: 🤍 Was I able to save you some money when purchasing your beverage package on Carnival? Let me know in the comments below about how much you saved! Till we see each other again, remember to always seek the seas! Cruise Essentials: Cruise Power Strip No Surge Protector: 🤍 Passport Holder: 🤍 Full Face Snorkel Mask: 🤍 Snorkel Fins: 🤍 Motion Sensor Night Light: 🤍 Sunrise Alarm Clock: 🤍 Packing Cubes: 🤍 Magnetic Hooks: 🤍 Thumb Slot Badge Holder And retractable Reel: 🤍 Round Cord Heavy Duty Lanyard: 🤍 Wrinkle Release: 🤍 Portable Charger Power Bank: 🤍 Portable Charger Power Bank with Wall Plug: 🤍 Cruise Line Luggage Tags: NCL: 🤍 Royal Caribbean: 🤍 Carnival: 🤍 Princess: 🤍 Celebrity: 🤍 HAL: 🤍 MSC: 🤍

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