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MacOS Mojave video uploaded. Time to upgrade your Rigs. No full support for 1080Ti. Anyhow, Intel UHD 630 is supported natively. Older Nvidia GPUs will work using Nvidia Web Drivers. macOS Mojave on PC : 🤍 macOS High Sierra Installation on PC using Unibeast, multibeast and Clover Configurator The installation guide will work with almost all latest motherboards. Downloads 🤍 KEXT 🤍 Apfs.efi 🤍 Nvidia Web Drivers 🤍 Nvidia Kext 🤍 Get Clover Audio Script: 🤍 Geekbench Score 🤍 🤍 BOOTABLE USB Open Unibeast For latest UEFI BIOS Motherboards macOS High Sierra Use UEFI BOOT MODE Inject Nvidia if you have Latest Nvidia Maxwell/Pascal GPU Follow video after Unibeast is finished creating Bootable USB - Mount the EFI partition using Clover Configurator Now open clover configurator and mount the EFI partition. Go to Kext Copy apfs.efi to “Other” Kext folder. Also copy apfs.efi to drivers folder. Open Config file with clover and follow the on-screen options. In Boot tab, Make sure dart=0 and Nv_disable=1 is selected. In devices, Under USB Select Inject, Add clock ID and Fix Ownership. From GUI, Select your screen resolutions. In RT Variable tab, Change CsrActiveConfig value to 0x67. In SM Bios, Select the configuration that matches with your processor. Save the config file. Now copy all utilities in the macOS Bootable USB. Eject the flash drive. Bios Settings : Restore Default VT-D = Disable CFG Lock = Disable Save and Reboot Installation Boot from USB At Clover Screen, Go to settings. From Graphic Injector Check Inject Nvidia, Generic Nvidia Name, Nvidia No EFI, Nvidia Single, Use Web Drivers Now boot from external i.e Flash Drive Format Hard Drive using GUID Partition MAP and MAC OS X Journeled - Drive Title "MAC OS" (can be anything) Install mac OS sierra in "MAC OS" (New Partition) Wait around 20 min for Installation to Complete On Restart boot from "MAC OS" Enter the required details to complete installation and Boot into mac OS Sierra Post Installation Use iMAC 15,1 from MultiBeast for Maximum Compatibility Open Multibeast 9.2.1 and install using Clover UEFI option, Realtek ALC892, FakeSMC, and Realtek RTL 8111 drivers. Download and install the current alternate Nvidia Web Drivers. Open Clover Configurator and Mount EFI partition. Add nvda_drv=1 to the Boot arg section (this will force Clover to boot the web drivers) You can check your audio and Ethernet controller from the detailed specification of your Motherboard. Google it or visit official product website. 🤍🤍 Open clover configurator from flash drive and mount the EFI Partitions. Now copy everything from EFI partition of flash drive to EFI partition of macOS installation SSD. *Also download Nvidia Kext and copy all to other Kext folders. How to Install and Enable Nvidia Web Driver in Hackintosh Download 🤍 Now open clover configurator and select Nvidia driver enable bootflag, Uncheck Nvidia Disable bootflag. From Graphics Uncheck Inject Nvidia. How to Enable HDMI Audio in Hackintosh 🤍🤍 TpLink WN7200ND was not supported so I switched to Mac compatible adapter i.e. TpLink WN725N Issues and Solutions macOS High Sierra Hackintosh Issues and Solutions 🤍 Buy from Amazon 🤍 Edited by Adobe Premiere Pro Recorded on iPhone 7 Plus Blue Yeti Blackout Edition (For Voiceover) Is it possible to create a Ryzen based Hackintosh, Let me know in comments? I've ordered a Ryzen so this one is the last video. Here are the issues I faced during Installation. - First one was to get the "Prohibitory sign" at the end of loading. - Wasnt able to boot into macOS and I was getting circle loading animation - macOS was not booting properly at the restart. I'll show errors and describe the solution in the new video. System Specs : Core i7 4790K 4.4Ghz Gigabyte Gtx 970 G1 Gaming MSI Z97S Krait Corsair H80i GT 16GB Hyper X Fury 1866Mhz Facebook : 🤍🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Website : 🤍🤍 For DMCA claims Email me hello🤍 I'll try to cooperate in anyway possible.

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macOS High Sierra Complete Installation on PC
macOS High Sierra Complete Installation on PC
macOS High Sierra Complete Installation on PC
macOS High Sierra Complete Installation on PC
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2020-10-14 16:11:07

Can i install it without gpu?

2020-09-27 09:34:13

i5 4440 Gigabyte z97-D3H, GT 710. Can I Install Mac OS High Sierra?

2020-09-05 11:20:19

I have i5-9400F 2.9ghz
Msi h310 m vh pro
16gb ddr 4
Nvidia gtx 1050ti 4gb ddr5
Everything is done after choosing boot from osx prohibited logo comes. And system get stuck there.
As in SMBIOS my processor is not listed.
Which one i have to choose?

2020-04-13 20:58:00

Hello plz help me
He has a problem that has the system installed on me. This is what the words of the version of macos installed on this Mac is newer than the version you are trying to install. When a new update is availabile, you can install it from the Lpdates pare in the Mac Apo Store. If you want to reinstal mac0s, piease use macOS Recovery

2020-03-15 13:13:14

Why can i just use UniBeast

2020-02-06 14:28:17

apfs.efi give an failed error in unibeats. copying error. dont try that.

2020-01-13 17:48:55

Cpu is intel i7 7700k
My Motherboard msi z270 m7
is it possible to install mac os ?
plz help ?????

2019-12-02 17:55:30

GTX 1050Ti will work.?? I am using hackintosh Catalina with AMD gpu...i am going to build high seirra with nvidia

2019-08-11 21:18:05

I have a better video

2019-07-30 11:56:50

Can you give me the link to down load high sierra please

2019-06-26 03:42:20

My computer configuration
i7 8700k, Gigabyte z370xp sli, Corsair vengeance LPX 16gb ddr4 3000mhz, Samsung 860 evo 250gb m.2 ssd, Zotac rtx 2060 amp edition, Cooler master master Liquid lite 120, Corsair vs 650.
Can i installed mac os.

2019-04-28 03:58:07

is it support GT 1050Ti

2019-04-08 18:15:00

My Motherboard is : Asus H81M-P
and cpu is intel pentium G3220
is it possible to install mac os ?

2019-02-09 07:59:07

All these hackintosh vids are ether by indian or russian dudes

2019-02-02 08:51:20

Mac os installed successfully but now stuck at multiBeast it says the installation faild

2019-01-27 13:09:56

Hi , where is the Download macOS Sierra image file?

2018-10-21 03:39:52

got all the way to the apple logo but it freezes there

2018-10-20 22:19:31

can't or don't get the clover config, where I get it from?

2018-10-11 22:22:53

MacOS Mojave video coming tonight. Time to upgrade your Rigs. No full support for 1080Ti.
Anyhow, Intel UHD 630 is supported natively. Older Nvidia GPUs will work using Nvidia Web Drivers.

macOS Mojave on PC :

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